Thursday, February 10, 2011


Before Hudson was even born we had already picked out Hudsy Sudsy as the perfect nick-name for her during bath time. She absolutely loves her bath time. She just sits all calm enjoying the warm water. This may be a precursor of things to come such as spa days! She does not like getting out of the water into the cold air ( I know...what baby does?!) but once she has her diaper on she enjoys being lotioned up and massaged-who wouldn't:). She also loves to have her hair brushed.

Post-Bath, lotion, massage and fingernail clipping! Speaking of...fingernail clipping is NOT something I look forward to. Scares me everytime! But, she's pretty stinkin' content and is close to smiling!


Kory said...

Already a high maintenance girl. Where'd that come from?

Amy said...

Hahaha I remember the first time I cut Axel's poor little finger, I felt absolutely horrible!