Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Month

This past month has been very busy. We are proud to say that we are officially homeowners! We signed on November 6th and we have been going non-stop ever since. We had to be out of our place on October 31st so we were homeless! My boss put us up in a hotel so we lived at the Hilton for a week. We got a storage shed so that we would have a place to keep our stuff so we've been slowly moving in. It has been very helpful because we have been painting the entire house so we haven't had all our stuff in the way. Basically we've been camping in our home! We're almost done with the painting process and it looks amazing. Although, I wouldn't care if I never saw another can of paint again. Now we just get to unpack and organize. I was hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving, but I don't think it's gonna happen. :( We are making progress slowly but surely. I will post photos as soon as all of the painting is done. But it has been consuming all of our free time. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday :)