Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good News Part 1

I passed my big fatty of a test!!! I am nearing the end of my school days and I can hardly stand it I'm so excited. Charter changed their quarters to 5 week modules doubled into 2 modules per quarter which = all that work in half the about crazy! This past 5 weeks I have been in my AHIMA class, which is the big Kahuna if you know what I mean. Basically, if I failed this class, and more importantly this test, the last year and a half of my life (and the school loans to boot) would have been a mere waste of time. So, needless to say, I'm quite relieved to have passed and be done! I am now just 4 weeks away from having my degree! Phew...

Big Lake

Mike and I haven't been camping all year and we've really had a hankerin' for it. Due to Mike's schedule at Best Buy he rarely has Saturday's off. So, needless to say when he looked at his schedule and he was off on a Saturday we jumped at the chance to go. It was kind of last minute as far as where we decided to go, due to the weather, but in a positive way. You see, we have been having a beautiful summer. You know...sunshine...70 degrees...perfection! So we looked at weather reports to see who was going to have the best weather so that we could take full advantage of Mother Nature and this grand summer we've been given. We decided to head on up to Big Lake. Neither one of us had ever been there and it seemed like a good idea to be around water while camping! We enjoyed ourselves, the sun, and M&M's (which are a camping must have). We did, however, become quite envious of the other patrons and their water toys and yearned to be like them on the water. We processed the idea of purchasing some sort of water-recreation enjoyment and then quickly realized that purchasing a home may be a higher priority. :) Once above mentioned home is had we will then begin filling the garage with toys! But, all in all we had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed being away from all the hussle and bussle that life has to over!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Both Mike and I had Friday off during the day and it was beautiful so we went to the Anchorage Zoo. It's like no other zoo I've ever been to. Its pretty small and except for the Tiger all the other animals are native to Alaska. We both got a good laugh when we turned the corner and found Magpie's in a cage. We both looked at each other in wonder since we could both recall childhood memories of shooting them with BB guns due to their overabundance and annoyance! Now we just paid $12 each to see them in the zoo! Mike had to work at Best Buy in the evening so I went and hung out with my friend Christie and her family. They have a big blow up pool equiped with pump and all so enjoyed being outside and enjoying the wonderful sunshine that we have this year. Mike and I then had another exciting game of Monopoly. He of course annihilated me AGAIN!
On the 4th we woke up and went to the Anchorage parade. I believe this is the 5th state that I've celebrated our Country's birthday in and it's definately much different than anywhere else! Take for instance this... Do you like the duct tape used to hold the sign on the car? And I bet you've never seen a reindeer in your parade! And don't candy was thrown out (I thought that is why we had parades!) And our Grand Marshall sat in his convertable with his seat belt on (I'm sorry I missed that picture) but what happened to all those important people sitting on top of the car in the back seat? Anyone who wanted to be in the parade could be so we had lots of people just driving cars and riding their bikes.

Here's one of my favorite... They put the Alaska flag upside down on their float. And nobody noticed! Classic! We did a have a few floats, but they were far and few between. After the parade we walked around the parkstrip and ate yummy reindeer sausages. Mike then had to work at Best Buy again and I wasn't feeling well so I went home and rested. Later in the evening when Mike got off our friend Taylor came over and we grilled some hamburgers and played some games til Midnight when we were able to go see the fireworks, again a disapointment if you've seen any other fireworks...but fireworks nonetheless. All in all we had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed being outside in the amazing weather we are having with friends and had a great time celebrating our Independence!