Monday, September 8, 2008

Updates, Updates, Updates

It's has been awhile since I've been able to update this fancy blog of mine. I have been without the blessing of the internet for a week and a half now, since I moved into my new place. So apologize for all these posts at once, but lets be honest....they're all important! First and for most, the most important...


Mike went through the temple on Saturday, August 30, 2008. It was a wonderful experience. Forrest was his escort, which we are very greatful for. Elder Lao and Elder Towles, the missionaries who taught Mike the discussions were able to drive down from Palmer to attend (Thanks for permission President Dance!) They happened to be companions again, a year later, and it was great for them to be there. It meant a lot to Mike and I, and being a former missionary myself, I know it's a HUGE deal for them as well, to beable to witness an investigator continue on to receive their endowments. The Anchorage temple is one of the first small temples that the church built, but it is beautiful. And to top it all of, the weather was gorgeous for maybe the 3rd day all summer. Afterwards we treated Forrest, the Elders and ourselves to lunch at Red Robin. And now we have all the big steps taken care of so that we can be sealed on the 13th!


The rest of Saturday was spent moving me into what will be OUR new home. We borrowed Forrest's truck, which limited us to less trips, which was extremely helpful. The place is a disaster right now, but we are so excited for our new place. I realized there isn't as much storage space as a I originally thought, but we will get creative when we return from the lower 48. Plus, we do have this really cool crawl space that we can put a bunch of stuff down there. And one of my favorite parts about the place is we do have space for food storage. I been wanting to start my collection of food for quite sometime, but haven't really had the place to store it. Some may view this as excuses, but well....I guess it is. But it's the truth too! It was nice to get out off living in the front room, and having my own space again. I'm going to miss my last house and my roommates, but am really looking forward to the future!


Monday was Labor Day, so Mike and I took Roy out to Palmer for the last day of the fair. We were ready for a break from moving and unpacking, so it was a nice break. Roy is our friend from church. We give him a ride every week to both church and FHE activities. The best way to describe him is PIMP! He goes up to EVERY girl, shakes their hand and says hello. He says hi to boys too, just not with the same enthusiasm. There are many funny stories that could be shared about Roy, but I'll just share one. My dad had come up to visit over Memorial Day Weekend. We were at church after sacrament meeting and Roy asks me if my dad served in Vietnam. I said yes, so he proceeded to yell down the pew..."Sir, Sir.." My dad turned around and Roy (who is also a HUGE movie buff) says "Rambo's coming out soon." I laughed pretty hard, just cause you can see his thought process. Anyways, back to the fair. We saw the big ole cabbage and other garden vegetables that Alaskans take such pride in, we walked through all the booths and ate fair food. My favorite was the was huge and had a caramel pecan topping. It was oh so good. We also were able to manage to find a farmer couple so we could take a picture...cute couple, huh? Anyways, we had a lot of fun and was glad that Roy came with us!


Friday night the girls from work took me out to dinner at Suite 100. This was my first time at this particular restaurant, and it was SO good! I even treated myself to a few Dr. Peppers! It was fun to go out with them, and they showered me with gifts. I think we spent about 4 hours there, but we had loads of fun just hanging out and having a good time. Thanks to everyone for all the gifts, and thanks Christie and Kelly for dinner!


Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from this event yet, but I did want to make sure I mentioned it. Sister Davis gave me a lovely shower at her home. She had taken a lot of time and effort and I was VERY greatful! Kirsten did a great job getting the games, and we had fun playing them. All of my close friends came, and were very generous with gifts. It was so fun to see and visit with everyone. We all just visited and laughed and had a wonderful time. Thanks again Sister Davis and Kirsten!!!

So there it is....the 2nd to last week leading up to the wedding! I can't believe how fast it has come, but we are so excited! When I got engaged last October, September 13th seemed SOOOO very far away, but it is finally here and I can hardly sleep! I have been so busy with work, school and wedding stuff that it just flew by. I am so greatful for my mom for all the hard work she has done for the wedding. It wouldn't be happening without her! The count down continues...4 DAYS!!