Friday, July 23, 2010


We are having a baby! We couldn't be more excited and have never looked forward to January more:). Since I'm so late in posting, here's the transformation:

5 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Iditarod 2010

Our day at the iditarod. I had just written a little blurb on it. It got lost. So here's a brief synopsis:
Fur Rendezvous 2010
Running with Reindeers
Carnivals in cold weathers
Weird Contests
Fake Iditarod Start (see photos below) Lance Mackey is even in one...he just won for the 4th time. Kind of a big deal
Burgers at The White Spot
Frozen Toes...Good Fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I like your teeth...

Now, I know these people exist. I've heard of them. I've just never experienced something like this first hand. Enjoy:

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday (already makes more sense!) returning a few items. The line to customer service was a little long, but I didn't want to have to come back, so I decided to forge ahead. As I was standing there the man in front of me looks at me and says, "You have two different shoes on". I then look down, even though I knew I didn't, only because I HAVE done this before! :) As I see that I have the same shoe on both my feet he says, "Oh, no you don't. They way you were standing made it look like you had two different shoes on." I reply, "You had me scared there for a bit."
The crazy man at walmart (CMAW) then says to me, "Whoa! You have nice teeth." (really, nice teeth...??)
Me, "Thank You".
CMAW, "How old are you?"

At this point, I want to entertain this a bit, I still have a while in line!

Me, "How old do you think I am?"
CMAW, "21"
Me "No, but thank you!"
CMAW, "25"
Me, "No, but thanks"
CMAW, "20?"
Me, "No, but thanks ALOT!"
Me, "I'm 29"
CMAW, "No way!" (yes way)
CMAW, "How old do you think I am?"

I pause for a moment, not sure if I should respond to this, but what the heck, "umm..41?"

CMAW, "That's close...real close."

Some silence, I'm not sure where it's gonna go from here. I didn't have to wait long.

CMAW, "Do you know why I look my age?"

Ummm....awkward silence. Again, not for long.

CMAW, "I fight."
Me, "Oh, like AFC fighting?"
CMAW, "Kind of, but I'm too old for that, I do Ji Jitsu (sp?)."
Me, "Oh, I see."
CMAW, "Let me tell you a little bit about the MMA and AFC fighting.....(he went on some big thing about how they didn't use to have cages and pads, or something of that nature. I wasn't quite following)
Me, "Uh huh"
CMAW, "I wish they would have had that when I was younger. Would have kept me out of jail."

A kind nod from my direction. Wonderful!
At this time I then pull left hand more in the way of the eye. I know where this is headed.
He switched subjects at this point and started talking of sitting on the couch and flipping through T.V. channels. I nodded again.

CMAW, "Sometimes when I'm bored of flipping through channels I go to work."
Me, " Yes, it's always nice to have a little cushioning in the bank isn't it?"

A little more awkward silence..

CMAW, "So do you know anything about Ji Jitsu?"
Me, "No."
CMAW, "Well I like to invite, now I'm gentle, but I like to invite girls over and well, wrestle with 'em a bit. But I'm gentle."

Oh yes, the old "wrestling routine"
I couldn't respond. Didn't know how. A few thoughts were going through my head, such as, I wonder if he's going to follow me? Is there cameras getting all of this? And of course, this is really happening to me.

CMAW, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
Me, "I have a husband."
CMAW, "A husband? I didn't even look at your fingers yet!"

Ah yes, my teeth and fingers

CMAW, "Don't ever cheat on him"
Me, "Deal"
CMAW, "Don't let him cheat on you"
Me, "Okay"
CMAW, "I was married once. She cheated on me. I have a kid though."
Me, "Oh, how old is your kid?"
CMAW, "She's 23. She's got a kid too. Now I'm a grandpa."
Me, "That's cool. Kids are fun.'
CMAW, "Yeah, but they're in California and I'm in Alaska"
Me, "Yes."

At this point, we still have a bit of a line ahead of us...

Me, "What part of California?"
CMAW, "Chico. But I'm from the Sacramento area."
Me, "Oh, my husband is from the Sacramento area, Lincoln actually."
CMAW, "oh yeah" (while nodding with slight confusion)
CMAW, "so your family's from California?"
Me, "No, my husband is from California, my family is in Utah".
CMAW, "Ahhh..Utah, that's a nice place too. You must be a farmer. There's lots of farms there."
Me, "No, I grew up in the city. My husband grew up on more of a farm than I did".

Line is moving forward some. It's his turn.

CMAW, "That's amazing. Your from the farm and grew up in the city and he's from the city and grew up on a farm."

Me with a kind nod, now in complete bewilderment.

Immediately after he's moved to a cashier the lady right next to him opens up. I walk forward and start to return my items. I look over and he's there cashing his government check. Unfortunately, the check wasn't dated until 2/3/10. It was 2/2/10. The whole thing could have been avoided!

Note to self...don't go close to Wal-mart at the beginning of the month!

Our Getaway

Last weekend Mike and I went on a little getaway down to Girdwood. It's the big ski spot here in the AK, but is beautiful, especially in the winter! My boss was ever so gracious to let us stay in his cabin. We had a wonderful few days. We rode the tram to the top of the mountain and ate at the Seven Glaciers restaurant and enjoyed just relaxing and watching a few movies. Enjoy these beautiful photos!

Our House....

The Blog neglection is Over!! I am sorry it has taken so long for this post to happen, but I was waiting for the house be completely decorated, I realized, it's never going to be completely decorated! So, here is our house now. When it changes, I'll take more pics!
Please refer to a few posts down for the "before" shots!
We are loving our house! You all should come visit!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I've atleast changed my background, right? I'm charging my camera battery right now. I promise photos shall be posted SOON!!! You won't be disappointed!